Benefits From Using Board

Less Effort

Time to prepare regular management reports reduced from hours to seconds.

Paid on Time

Invoices paid by customers over due reduced by 50%. Bills late payments eliminated.

Lower Costs

Risk of operating costs overrun spotted and avoided weeks before it could happen.

More Sales

Sales conversion improved by 20%. Orders delivery timeliness improved by 30%.

Are you a small-business owner or manager?

Responsible for one or multiple companies?

Relying on accountant or invoicing software reports?

But at the same time maintaining your managerial reporting in your custom made spreadsheets?

Lacking on time, on hand information to drive business?

Can’t get an accurate view of your finances on the go?

Can’t afford to be surprised by business finance problems?

Want to focus on business, not tedious reporting work?

Product visual of BOARD application mobile-first software for SME finance management

Try Board: mobile-first software for smart decisions

Full control over business in your smartphone.

Up-to date cash flow, budgeting and forecasting.

Automated reporting tailored for the business owners.