How Do You Choose The Best App For Your Small Business?

If you’re a small business owner, you have a lot of options. 

More specifically, you have options when it comes to the tools and technology at your disposal. The kinds of tools you can use to make a difference in your business – and to help impact growth in a meaningful way. 

In this article, we will cover: 

  • How apps can help your business 
  • The things you need from an app 
  • Our recommendation to start the process

How Apps Help Your Small Business 

One of the main things small business owners struggle with is staying organized. Oftentimes, they have so much on the go that small things can fall through the cracks. This can include paperwork, deadlines, or even paying bills on time. 

The last thing you want to do is miss a payment, because it can hurt your credit, your relationships with vendors, and your business. When it comes to using apps for your small business, staying organized is imperative to your overall success. 

With that in mind, when you start including more digital technologies in your workflow, it can help: 

  • Organize tasks 
  • Streamline process
  • Meet important deadlines 

Altogether, being able to automate some of these things can ensure that you are completing your most important tasks on time. For someone who is busy trying to scale a business, this can be a vital pathway to future growth. 

The key here is that apps are meant to replace the parts of your business where you are struggling the most. Especially in cases where your product or service has been tested and proven, it’s about building the infrastructure around that business to be successful. 

What You Need From An App

So, let’s say that you’re a small business owner. How do you begin to evaluate an application that can help your business? 

The process is fairly simple, so let’s break it down like this: 

  1. Does it help you get better at your job?
  2. Can it make the people around you better at theirs?
  3. How does it integrate with your important business accounts?

If an app doesn’t check all three of these boxes, you should definitely reconsider whether it’s right for your workflow. 

Ideally, it’s not about having multiple apps doing multiple things, it’s about having one centralized app that can handle all your tasks. 

Ultimately, any of the technologies that you use for your business should have a direct impact on how you run your business – and how you make money. That can include providing services, making payments, and even convincing investors to join you. 

If an app isn’t doing one of these things, or you have multiple apps replicating the same services, you need to consider one key, centralized application that can help you get better at what you do (and how you manage it). 

Introducing Board: An App for Small Businesses 

We created Board with one key focus in mind: to help small business owners manage their growth, profitability, and cash liquidity.

That meant creating an application that would be able to serve all the unique needs that a small business owner might have. Whether in the long-term or in their day-to-day tasks, we knew that owners needed an app to manage all their needs in one place. 

Ultimately, Board is built on helping business owners make more informed and timelier decisions to positively impact their work. We do it by: 

  • Understanding Results – And what they mean 
  • Setting Goals – To build for your future 
  • Monitoring Progress – Ensuring you are reaching those goals 

Let’s break it down even further – here’s how Board makes a difference…

Cash Liquidity 

When you are choosing the best app for your small business, one of the main things you need to do is better manage your cash flow. This could include planning your cash flow by: 

  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Customers

You can then set limits to your accounts and forecast for the future. This will allow you to gain a better idea of your cash flow forecast and to make key funding or investment decisions. 


By providing an emphasis on budgets, Board allows users to set budgets for key operating costs. At the same time, it allows you to regularly check between the budgets at the estimates at completion, so you know how much you intended to spend and how much you truly spent. 

As things change along the way, too, you can adjust your budgets to serve your needs – whether that’s a year, a month, or a week ahead of time. 

Revenue Growth 

In coordination with cash flow, you can use Board to plan your growth by revenue category. This includes capturing sales leads and customer orders to keep accurate pipeline estimates, so that you know where the money is coming in (and when it’s coming in, too). 

This can help determine your sales efforts, investments you make in the sales process, or how you can adjust your tactics to satisfy your business’ growth. 

Information That Works For You 

Board is all about granting users the opportunity to understand their finances in easier ways – providing data-driven insights that make sense and drive growth. 

It’s relevant information, the way you need it and in a way that makes sense to you. By using it, you can make timely decisions, provide sharper analyses, and truly understand the direction of your business moving forward.

Interested in a small business app that works for you? Start working with Board by signing up for our WebApp today. Or, find the app on the App Store or Google Play.