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Which Business Debt Do You Pay Off First?

Nobody likes to talk about it, but debt is a way of life.  In fact, when running a business debt is essential to getting off the ground and to keep your business running.  That in mind, it’s important to know the levels of debt, and which debts you should consider paying off first (whenever you…

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5 Key Strategies to Manage Business Money Better

Managing your finances should feature as a crucial component of any business plan.  That said, a lot of businesses struggle when learning how to manage business money better - when you have it and when it’s lacking, as well as how to manage it effectively overall.  The following are 5 key strategies you can use…

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Why Is Revenue Forecasting Important?

One of the most important things for your business is direction. This comes from not only understanding where you have found success, but where you continue to drive business and what you can to plan for a secure financial future (accounting for both missteps and leaps in growth).  Why is revenue forecasting important? Because it…

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Why is a Cashflow Projection Important to Your Business?

While you can’t see into the future, you can get quite close with the right data.  In fact, cash flow projections might be the closest you can get to predicting the future of your business without looking into a crystal ball.  These types of models are one of the best ways to make timely decisions…

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5 Key Ways to Learn How To Set Savings Goals

In the pursuit of building a business, savings often take a backseat. That said, one of the most sustainable forms of investment can come from what is often referred to as “free cash.”  In tandem with your budget, your access to free cash can help formulate a plan to grow your business in a more…

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Board: How To Start?

How Your Business Performs with Board If you are a manager or an owner, Board is going to change the way you understand your business. That's because Board is a tool that helps to understand your business' performance while driving its future growth, profitability, and cash flow. Board combines business planning, sales tracking and cash…

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