Cash Flow Forecast

Know and manage the cash flow

Plan your cash flow to fund top priorities

Get alerts to pay your bills on time

Control your cash to avoid credit over usage

Know your runway to raise capital early

Cash flow plan chart Board by Budget Bakers

Avoid risk of late payments

Plan recurring or one time payments by vendors, employees, customers

Use Board contact list to ensure the plans completeness and to match actual payments

Set alerts for payments to be under due dates control

Forecast your cash flow model

Plan your sales, expenses, funding, or investments by counterparties

Forecast overall cash flow, by accounts, and versus your balance limit

Adjust the forecast to meet your goals by revenues and cost categories

Analyze scenarios to build cash up

Set your free cash or runway goal in the form of accounts balance limit

Analyze by when you meet the goal

If the goal not met on time replan your variable and/or fixed costs, or the required revenue growth